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Common Problems in AC and Solution

HVAC unit or commonly idiom AC is most advanced and needy electro-mechanical device in our home. Without this device we can’t relax in the heat waves as environmental pollution has already been jumped over its limit. AC is acronym for Air conditioning and we mainly fall over its cooling side when summer knocks us badly. As other major appliances it also meets with some common accidents which may put us in trouble to look for AC doctor. But with few precautions we can avoid such headaches easily.

Let’s have a look over most common AC problems and there solutions.

Improper Operation

The most common problem is improper AC operation which might be put us in trouble to get efficient cooling in peak time. For proper operation make sure about adequate power supply, carefully well packed surrounding to resist outer air directly entering in AC room for which close all the widow and doors properly.

Faulty Installation

Sometime faulty installation and skirting may causes trouble in AC operations also make sure that you AC unit is properly installed at right slot.

Refrigerant Leakage & Filling

AC refrigerants plays a crucial role to variate the air temperature via existing AC unit. But sometimes due to loose fitting of valves and pipes it may be leak down or acquire low level and cause a serious problem so you must choose expert hands to perform refrigerant filling and valve tightening along with testing the wrapping the leaks. You have also care about the refrigerant amount in refrigerant container as low level of refrigerant prone to low performance and can add more tension to electricity bills.

Deficient Maintenance

Deficient maintenance like avoiding duct cleaning, refrigerant supply, power supply and body damage, loose installation can also be the reason for serious trouble to your AC. So you have to hire an expert hand for regular maintenance and performance check-up.

Electric Control Faulty 

Regular on-off of AC unit may cause interruptions in Motor and compressor performances and also humidity and moisture inside the device tends to corrosion of wires and electric gateway inside the chamber and brings us to an serious issue in case of regular avoidance. To resist this scenario you must choose an expert technician to resolve your problems easily.

Sensor Problem

Thermostat sensor is an important part in your room AC unit which is located behind the control panel and use to measure the air temperature coming into evaporation coil. Though it is situated near the coil but not to touching it so you have to take care of it to place it correctly near the coil with proper distance with coil to avoid any casualty in future.

Drainage Issue

Excess humidity outside can clogged the condensate drain which bothers AC to drain properly so you have to take care of it by clean it properly. You can also ask for AC experts available in your locality to resolve this situation.

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