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As spring has been passed we almost looking for alter the surrounding temperature in compare of pinching Heatwave of summer. In such case we mostly prefer the crucial and advanced electro-mechanical based device i.e. AC. Air conditioner or HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning) system is a device which cool down the surrounding temperature and maintain the proper ventilation. But as other major appliances it also faces electrical as well as mechanical problems. Considering this EzHomeServices brings online a comprehensive tool package to short out the AC problems and delivering the chilled and fresh surrounding to you.
AC Allied Services

Since your cooling device is a single unit and it comes to you in well packed form but when we took it deeply on services perspective it requires many services which are listed below-

  • AC repairing
  • Duct cleaning
  • Electrical control setup
  • Compressor cleaning
  • Filter replacement and cleaning
  • Installation
  • Uninstallation
  • Ac shifting
  • Uninstallation
  • Thermostat and capacitor replacement

The Above mentioned services in AC repairing are only a simple overview there are many others too which you may face on some day. We categorised only few of them as our comprehensive list comprises A to Z services regarding your cooling device.

AC Repairing

As we all know AC is acronym for Air conditioning device which is preferably used for cool down the atmospheric air in your surroundings. Due to regular use or irregular placement is may suffer many issues like Body Damage, Valve burst, compressor problem etc. and it may force to repair it as soon as possible. It may include screw fitting to over hauling, PCB problems and leakage issue.
So we are here to provide AC repairing services online directly to your venue at single click.

Duct Cleaning

Ducts in the AC system are used to deliver and remove air in particular compound or room. AC Ducts are made of metals like aluminium, steel and plastics, having hollow structure and commonly used to deliver ventilation air as part of the supply air. Ducts are attached to AC unit and they are medium to exhaust indoor air outside and deliver ventilation air from AC unit to desired area. During air transferring process, ducts become filthy due to dust and humidity and a type of spongy layer may formed over it which produces awful smell and it also dangerous on hygiene perspective. So you must need a professional Duct cleaner to your home or venue where you installed your AC unit. Regarding above mentioned scenario we are here to provide online AC solution up to your door step at single knock.
Electrical Control Setup

Since your HVAC (heating ventilation and air condition) system is advanced and well known electrical based system which is mainly operated on regular alternate current supply. It also consist of sensor, PCB boards consisting connection of capacitor, transistors, diode and transformer. It also need a voltage stabilizer to runs on adequate power supply. As we know electrical problems are very common to ACs and also prone to accidents so you must need an AC based technician to resolve out your problem at your premise. That’s why for your easiness we are here to assist you at your venue at your single click for AC services.

Compressors Cleaning and Replacement

Compressors in C unit are most essential part to variate the Air temperature in your room. Compressors usually compress the refrigerant and pumped it to condenser coil to dissipate the heat generated inside the condenser coil to blow the heat outside from AC unit to the atmosphere and allow the expansion valve and evaporator coil to cool down the air inside the room. Through this procedure compressor may covered with moisture or its motor coil become burn due to excess use. Some other problems are like coil become short-circuited or become choked due to spongy lubricant flow. It may cause your AC unit to lose it cooling capacity and may interrupt your happy life during summers. Problem where to short out this problem quickly. So we are here to change your compressor quickly at your single click for AC services. Our technicians are highly skilled and having professional hands in AC services so you don’t need to worry more when you hire us.

Filter Replacement and Cleaning

AC air filters are keen source to provide hygienic Air inside the room which is breathable and fresh. AC like window, split, cassette and others are built with air filters to provide healthy air to breath. But due to regular application air filters become filthy, dusty and chocked and also reason for using high energy for application time. So you must need a technician of handyman skill to clean your AC filters timely so that you can maintain your power bills as well as your health too. Point of consideration is that where to go and find for filter cleaners. Because of this notion we are here to assist you at your single click to us. Now hire the technician related to AC services online at affordable prices. Our technician are well skilled and having quality in their hands to provide satisfaction in our services.


Though we are well familiar about AC system which is used to cool the air or warm the air according to our choice and also maintain the proper ventilation inside the compound. But problem is only few knows how to assemble, install or fix it at desired location. Those who know are professional experts in AC services and available at only few places which may be unfamiliar to you. So cause of this, we are providing online AC technician up to your venue to assist you completely on single click. Our charges are comparatively affordable to your pockets. We provide all the type of AC installations such as Window, Split etc.


Installing the AC unit and removing it from its place is two different works and both of them needs professional hands. You can’t do it yourself as it is highly risk to both AC unit as well as unsafe hands. So we are providing highly skilled technician online to assist you when it comes to remove your older AC and replace it with newly branded one.

AC Shifting
Most of us are fond of adjusting the atmospheric temperature for our comfort during summers and winters so you must have a HAVC system in your villa or office. Some of us also installed AC system in rental apartments, but when time changes as you become own a flat or Banglow, you must requires to shift your AC unit but you can’t do yourself so you will need a handyman technician to assist in your shifting. That’s why we are here to provide A to Z services regarding AC system so that you have no need to waste your precious time. Now sit back, relax and book AC shifting services online on single click at affordable prices.
Thermostat and Capacitor Replacement

Like other major appliances based on electrical and mechanical control your HVAC unit may also experience power supply or short circuit problem in PCB unit. Thermostat in AC unit is a device used to regulate the temperature on our choice. It may face fluctuation due to low power supply or it may restrict to perform it operation due to some other issue. While capacitor is device use to maintain the current supply in PCB area so that your AC unit works restlessly on your demand but due to excess of use both thermostat and capacitor got hung in peak time due to which you have to stop your AC unintentionally. In this case you must require an AC technician to resolve your problem immediately. That is the reason we are here to provide online AC services to your door step at single click. We provide experts hands at affordable prices in required time slot.

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