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Your Room Heater Isn’t Responding Anymore, Read Cool Tips to Recover its Life Back

Room heater

If you have determined that the circuits or resisters on your unit are the source of your problems, then simply use the soldering gun to heat the contacts and remove them. Replace them with parts that meet the voltage standard for their job. This will prevent you from having issues with short circuiting in the unit. If this was the only problem you could find, put the case back together and turn it on, checking the electric heater fan for warm air.

Replacing the room Heater Coil

Replacing the room Heater Coil

Make sure you follow power down procedures before removing the coil to avoid electric shock or short circuiting. Find the electrical connections on the coil and remove them, and then dismount the coil. Install the new coil and close the case up. Be sure to reconnect everything properly before turning it on.

You will need keep tools for room heater service

Voltage regulator, Screwdriver or hex driver, Replacement coil, Replacement circuits, Replacement regulator, Soldering gun and solder, Wire caps, Wire clamp, Wire stripping tool, Screwdrivers, Adjustable pliers, Long-nose pliers, Multi-meter.

Repairing or Replacement Heater Coil

In older units, the electric heater fan is not connected to the temperature gauge. This usually means that the coil is going to be more difficult to replace, as they were not built for maintenance. To repair one of these, you will need a heat resistant metal wire clamp. It should be made of a conductive material such as steel so the current will pass through it to the connected wire.


Motor’s Brushes and Mechanical Parts in Room Heater

If you see sparks coming from them as the motor is moving, then it is a sign that the brushes are damaged and need to be replaced. Then, check to make sure the motor has enough oil and doesn’t smell bad. The motor might not work if it’s in need of lubrication.

Electric Continuity

Electric Continuity

Attach one of the Multi Mate’s probes to the motor’s common lead and test the motor for its electrical resistance. If the electric resistance is zero or infinite, it means that there is a short circuit and that the motor is not connected properly.

Circuit Board for connection

Circuit Board for Room Heater Connection

You can test these circuits while the unit is on with a voltage meter and locate any breaks in the system. If you have experience with electronics and soldering, you can generally repair these type of breaks by adding a wire connection or repairing the one that is broken. Most modern heaters have replacement parts that can be ordered directly from the manufacturer and replaced as with any electronic device.

Dust solution from room heater

Dust Solution from Room Heater

You can use canned air to blow out the vents and try to push any clumps out through the ports. If you cannot get to the build-up on the inside, you may need to open the case and clean it out by hand. Dust anything that is built up on the heater coils and temperature sensor. Be sure that all the wires are held away from not only the heater coils but the temperature sensor as well to prevent inaccurate readings from electrical discharges.

Check the Internal Wiring in room heater

Check the Internal Wiring in Room Heater

If you see wires dangling close to the heater coil, you will want to use some duct tape and secure them off to the side to prevent further damage. You can use electrical tape to repair damaged insulation and fuse the tape shut with a little heat from a lighter. Once you have the wires sealed and out of the way from the coils, you should be able to reassemble the unit and test it for functionality.

Unfit Connections or Blown Circuits

Unfit Connections or Blown Circuits

If you do see what appears to be burnt parts or loose connections, then more repair will be needed. Some heater manufacturers sell replacement parts for their heaters, and you will want to check to compare prices. If parts can be replaced, and you feel comfortable with soldering connections and the like, this could very well be the solution to your problem

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