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This Time Something Lovey-Dovy- “Valentine Week Specials”- By EzHomeServices

Valentine Week Specials

Love- A non-theoretical, bi-practical but well existing feeling in the universe. The greatest and holy bond between two, may it be couple love, parental love, friend love or love between two different sect. The feeling which force you to feel the touch, happiness, sadness, pain, cuddles, kisses, handshakes, hugs of the person whom you count as your better half even in their absence. Love is thread to knot two different body in single soul.

Since expressing one’s love to other doesn’t require any specific day but still our ancestor gifts a whole week to let you realize your partner damn special across whole life. The ways and pairs can be from different mean but yup there is still a day named as “Valentine’s Day” which is keenly known to celebrate love feeling primarily for couples or love birds.

Valentine’s Day, a special day for love birds followed by seven, lavishing, flourished, full of chocolates, cuddles, teddy days.

Since valentine’s day is somehow connected with painful story of saint Valentine who was executed to death in against of oppressive emperor. Apart from this there are various fairy tales associated with this tremendous occasion for Love-birds.

Valentine’s day is celebrated all across the world on 14th Feb of every year and followed by week of Love things days. Started from Rose day on 7th of Feb it comes to happen finally on 14th Feb. Profoundly it is a week of love to commemorate the importance of each other, to express what the feelings, desire, dreams and trust is rushing across their never lasting relationship.

Specially Girl focused occasion is all about expressing a male partner love towards his better half.
Elaboration of love week-


Here we go to know each and every day with ultimate moments included between Love birds.

7th Feb “Rose Day”
Rose, a well recommended auspicious flower to express extreme love with its arousing smell and softness.

8th Feb “Propose Day”-
A day to realize your mate that she/matters you more than anything and you want to be live together forever.

9th “Chocolate Day”-
Chocolate, specially your girl love this to enjoy alone. A perfect day to add sweetness in your relation.

10th “Teddy Day”-
Give her a teddy to make your presence alive whenever she feels alone. A teddy is perfect partner of her when you are out of town.

11th Feb “Promise Day”-
The day to promise that no one is going to disrespect the feelings and be together at every stage of life.

12th Feb “Hug Day”-
Let’s Hug each other and realize your partner that you are strong enough to cover her from every problem and she is and will be safe with you in troubles. You know she has her world in your arms.

13th Feb “Kiss Day”
Umm Its your personal matter but still kiss her head to make your feeling damn special for her.

14th Feb “Valentine’s Day”-
Yup D- day has been arrived and all we suggest you to commemorate this day as no one is going to stop you. She is your world and vice versa. Celebrate it dude!!

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      Enjoy The Love Rains.

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