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Yoga-asana in Winter Season for Your Perfect Health


Why wait till summer, do something that’s good for your health and well being. People have a tendency to go into hibernation mode in winter, they give up their sport and other forms of exercise, in exchange for sitting on the couch, watching TV, and eating a diet heavy in comfort foods. The beauty of Yoga is you can do it anywhere, at any time, throughout all the seasons. Even better you can come into a warm cos studio on a cold, wet winter’s day and spend the next hour, strengthening your body, relieving tension in tight muscles and joints, and stressing the mind.

Yoga is a Practice for Winter Seasons and all Weather Conditions-

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If you have been doing your sport or exercise over the warmer months and you’ve built up your fitness and performance to a good level, don’t chuck it in over winter and undo all your hard work. Use yoga to your form and fitness, that way you won’t be starting from scratch come summer.

Make the most of your time this winter Yoga. You will have lots of time, especially during those dark, dreary, cold hours. Yoga prescribes that you take each and every opportunity to start honoring your time schedules. See where you were failing and how you can start making amends. To yourself.

Start a new hobby, one that you’ve always wanted to, one that you’re sure will make you happy. Could be something as simple as stamp collecting or collecting picture postcards. Tell yourself it’s now or never.

Yoga recommends that you give away the old to make way for the new. You’ll be surprised at how much you don’t need. How much you can give away. And, we don’t mean garbage sales. Just give to the poor and needy. You’ll be making so much room for God, Santa, or whoever you most believe in to put some more into your life.

Now, let’s do a Yogic exercise. Rummage through the cubbyholes and cabinets of your little-big-mind and see what you can jettison from there. We’re referring to some of those long-held, frustrating emotions, resentments, anger, animosities, hate. All negative feelings; just drop them like old clothes, old shoes, and make place for new, positive thoughts.

Blow lots of balloons. This isn’t an altogether Yogic technique, but one that will certainly give you, not just practice for the coming festivities; but also relief from your breathing troubles. Blowing balloons also this helps increase your lung capacity.

Not just physically, but mentally as well. It’s all part of Yogic relaxation, and yet a lot more than just letting go. Make a deliberate effort at calming down. Give yourself positive assertions throughout the day. This is not just positive thinking. It’s taking you a step further. As you walk, tell your body to relax, tell your mind to relax, tell your heart to relax.

Next, do something you’ve never done before – Yoga suggests you pamper yourself. Give yourself a good rub, as in physically then, looking in a mirror, tell yourself how much you love that person. It may sound foolish and even feel funny as you do it. But try it, anyway and see how it feels. Something will tell you you’ve been waiting for just this, for a long time.

So, Yoga is interested in the total transformation of our being and health. In this module we will look at general practices that are conducive to health and well-being. We will look at our habits such as what we eat, our work-relaxation patterns, sleep and exercise. We will not be prescribing a particular lifestyle, but rather looking at our own tendencies and learning about ways to support and nourish the body that is in-line with yogic and meditation principles.


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