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Useful Tips To Resist The Unwanted Home Invaders Like Insects,Bedbug and Termites





Pest control is necessary as much as we avoid to disease from owns as well to keep our assets safe. So you may need pest control service as soon as you face above problems but main problem is you to heir pesticides services directly to your home .

People are getting smarter so they must think to resist the invaders like termite, mice, cockroaches to attack their home. So most people wants pest control treatment in advance the best way to pests control is to not invite them inside in the first place. Most bugs are attracted to food and water, so keeping your kitchen clean, taking out the garbage regularly, and storing food and drinks in tight containers will deter most insects, and other pests.

When You Need to Pest Control Therapy

  • Pest control often needed in old castle as well as in pre-construction time.
  • This days termites attack are so common in old buildings offices or in garden area in front of your home and force you to think how to get rid of them
  • Termites may occur in their favorable condition and their peak point may be your wardrobe, kitchen furniture, dining table and your castle walls too.
  • Mice are also creating problem when they nibble your clothes and important documents.

You are fond of lying on sofa and one day you found your sofas legs got crashed due to heavy termite attacks.

Some Tips For Homemade Pest Control For to Keep The House Tidy Obscure

Pest Control Vinegar with Coconut Oil

The mixture coconut oil and white vinegar also makes an effective spray for repelling spiders. As oils may stain or cause spots, test the mixture on a small, hidden area of carpets, curtains or upholstered furniture.

Keep your kitchen counters free of crumbs and sticky spots, cover the sugar and honey jar. Wiping down surfaces can go a long way toward keeping your home pest free!



Small Light On in Nights

Leave a small, night light on for a few night times in the area of most ant activity. The change in light can disrupt and discourage their foraging patterns.


Garlic Juice with Water

An effective natural bug repellent, mix one part garlic juice with 5 parts water in a small spray bottle. Shake well before using.




Neem Oil- Neem oil is a natural vegetable oil extracted from the Neem tree in India. The leaves, seeds and seed oil of the Neem tree contain salamis, a compound which has effective mosquito repelling properties. Neem oil is a natural product and is safe to use. Just add a few drops of oil to your favorite lotion and apply the mixture to your body.

Blocks Window and Seal All Close Always

Seal cracks in the foundation and close gaps in windows or beneath doorways to deny spider’s access to the premises.




Peppermint is The Best Solution For Spider – Place a few drops peppermint essential oil into a spray bottle. Add a squirt of liquid detergent and fill the bottle with water. Spray the mixture on cobwebs, around doors and windows, around the lawn and garden and on any surfaces where spiders lurk. In addition to having a pleasant aroma, this mixture is non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets.

At last, If you do find pests this season, contact our Ezhome’s  pest control service and we will make sure they don’t ruin your holiday cheer


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