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Hair Fall in Monsoon, One Of the Hectic Issue with Ladies Lovely Ornament

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Monsoon is a season of joy, it is a very attractive and melodious time. But when it comes to human body this joy season sound no good at all and causes races, skin problems and majorly the Hair fall problem. Contaminated water of first rain   of the season is main reason behind hair fall and its weather in your hairs which absorbs hydrogen forming bonds which causes hair weakness and damaging. Monsoon or rainy season at it gives a refreshing touch to everything surrounding us. But these monsoons with sharp winds flow and air can cause damage to your long blonde beautiful hairs.

First of all, most important task is protecting to your own hairs from being damage. When you come into direct rain with bare head then your hair become harder after few times, so do clean your hair after rain to preserve their natural beauty.

Here below, we are going to mention some reason and solutions to keep your hair strong and shiny.



Cover Up Your Hair While Raining Outside

You should protect your hair from dirty and sharp winds by covering them up with scarf and folds hairs with band or cap because pollution dirt of toll on your hairs. Monsoon rain makes your hair dry and sticky.


-> Give them Constant Massage with Prescribed Oil

In every week you should do once or twice time massage your hair in slowly and deep nursing on root with heat oil. Where it can get absorbed into the hair roots. It takes care well as your hair is very hard and dry in monsoon and rainy time.


-> Use quality shampoo and apply conditioner when necessary

If you have get wet in rain so your hairs. So, first thing you need to do soon after reach the home is rinse your hair with a mild natural shampoo and apply the conditioner after that. This maintain your hair soft and bright.


-> Comb Hairs when it Became Dry 


During Monsoon season hairs don’t get dry easily due to humidity so, you shouldn’t comb on your hair until it become dry.


 Home Remedies for Every Woman to Protect Hair: –

  • Use Aloe Vera gel on dry hair
  • Massage with hot oiling is a must
  • Give steam to your hair
  • Use Lemon juice to massage in root
  • Use Multani soil paste and then wash, twice in month.
  • Eat Fresh fruits and green vegetables
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