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EzHome –  A Complete Home Care Store!

Every one wants to live hassle free life without being depressed and in distress. Indeed, no one want to stuck with daily problems encounters at home, office or anywhere they go or live. Since science & technology experiments and innovations helps a lot to live the luxurious life but problem is nothing is immortal at the end either it is human, animal or any artificial things made by human itself. Science gives us electricity, light, TV, Fridge, Cooler, AC, modular apartments etc to survive like a boss but irony is like everything it the nature these objects, equipment’s also faces problem while operating in your home or office. Now days, in the race of being successful, no one has time to cope with problems occurs daily at home or office as everyone is busy with itself so many of us ignores the appliances problem and at the end they cost really much than we expect. One of the major problem is where to look skilled and trustworthy pros to assist you when any accidents happens.

Summarizing above conditions and fact Ezhomeservices bring a bag full of online home services such as Electrician, Plumber, Painter, AC services, Refrigerator Services, Carpenter, pest control, gardening and many others. The main aim is to provide best possible and required services directly to customer premise at affordable prices within desired time.

Now have a look over our services which only meant for you home sweet home and workplace.

Electrician Services– Electrician services is most demanded services across the residential as well as industrial areas. Blown fuses, short-circuiting, wiring, appliances installments, switch fitting, MCB replacement are main courses in Electrician services for which we provide a well verified and trustworthy pros at your premise on your single knock to us.

AC services– AC unit is electro-mechanical devices which is one the most desired and demanded appliances among the residential and industrial areas. Our AC services estimates Gas charging, AC repairing, AC wet/dry servicing, installation, removal as main course which is delivered via our well certified AC pros at affordable costs.

Plumber Services – Our plumber services includes A to Z plumbing works, all you need to mention your problem and we provide our best plumbers directly to your premise at short span of time.

Pest Control Services– Due to low quality of soils and adulteration in atmosphere many of insects may invade your furniture, home, clothes as well as you too. In such case ask for quick solution at ezhomeservices. We provide you best possible solution with our pros at affordable prices to your premise.

Painter– Ezhomeservices also provides a skillful team of painters with wide range of painting option and other relevant solution on your single knock. Either its emergency or any celebration, color your happiness with our quick and reliable Painter services.

Appliances Services– In this section we provide best possible solution with skilled pros to your home appliances. We provide Refrigerator services, RO- water purifier services, Washing Machine services, Microwave oven services at your single call up to your premise with in time.

Beauty and salon services-In case of urgent marriage party or want to avoid rush, you can book Beauty and salon services at Ezhomeservices at your desired destination. The pricing are much familiar to you and the service you would have is quite safe and healthy.

CCTV- Security– As crowd is out there it is also necessary to keep yourself safe along with your assets, so considering this you can book CCTV installation, repairing services through Ezhome’s CCTV- Security cameras services too.

Gardening Services– You can go green and groom your kitchen garden with Ezhome’s Gardening Services. By booking an gardening expert online, you can treat your plants well without any interruptions.

Laundry services-You can also book Laundry services at ezhome at any time at any place at affordable cost.

Car care services-Ezhomeservices also provides Car care services directly to your premise in which pros are there to groom your dusty and filthy car at feasible costs.

Hence you can see that Ezhomeservices provide all the possible home services at your place with pocket friendly costs. The team of skilled pros and customer care executive are ever ready to serve our clients. Customer safety and delivering joy with services is our key factor in this sector.


For any details for services you can visit us @ or can ping us our toll free number 1800-2700-878.

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