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Renovate the Bathroom Tap for Prolong life

bathroom tap repair

A compromised washer is actually a very common household problem that is generally quick and easy to resolve without the need for outside intervention. If you have some old bathroom tap and you do not want to remove them and it’s also making a great repair for your bathroom tap replacement faucet, so  and gently rub the tap from screw and tight the tap or replacement. You will look your steal bathroom tap will shine so well, its touch-up new tap.

It’s better to repair the fault as quickly as possible. Here are the tips from our experts Ezhome plumbers, so that you’ll be leak free in next to no time. Isolate the water to the hot or cold tap by turning off the isolating penny valves under the sink, then run the taps until the water stops running and the pipes are empty.

Repair bathroom tap

  • Use an adjustable wrench to unscrew the connector nuts that attach the tap tail to the water pipe.
  • Find the back nut that holds the tap in place. This is usually found under the sink, directly under the tap. If it’s a tight fit you can use the adjustable wrench to undo the nut.
  • Remove the tap from the sink.
  • Use a utility knife to cut away any sealant attaching the tap to the sink.
  • Insert the new tap into the sink and connect the nut to the tap tail underneath the sink.
  • Put plumbers tape around the joint. Tighten by hand first and then do final tightening using the adjustable basin wrench.
  • Turn on water supply and test the new tap
  • Turn off your mains water supply whilst you work and open the tap to release any water that remains in the pipe. Put the plug into the basin so that you don’t lose any of your working parts and equipment down the black hole that is the drain!
  • You can remove the tap’s cover using a screwdriver to reveal the hidden screw. Screws can be positioned in slightly different places depending on your taps but typically they will be beside the hot and cold tap.
  • Undo the screw to remove the handle and place a cloth to make sure that you don’t scratch the appliances. Using your spanner or wrench, you can unscrew the tap bonnet, remove the headgear and you will see a large body washer, O-ring and jumper valve.
  • The jumper valve will effortlessly come out of its own accord but you’ll need to replace the body washer, O-ring and refit the bonnet and spindle once done. You can now turn on the water main and see if your leak has been fixed.

bathroom tap

If after following the steps, your tap is still leaking, it might be worth calling in a professional. You may need to have your tap re-sealed which you can do yourself by purchasing a re-sealing kit. If you feel bewildered, calling 1800-27-878 (toll free) an expert will quickly and effectively return things to normal so you can regain your sanity and prevent water wastage.

The primary reason for leaking bath or basin taps is damaged or worn washers, which will then require replacement. The replacement washer needs to be the same size as the washer already in place, in order to work effectively. Taps can leak for other reasons, for example, a seating valve may be damaged.

Remember that although a leaking or dripping tap is annoying, it usually doesn’t take much to rectify it and can easily and effortlessly be done at home. As always, if you can’t quite get to grips with the tap yourself or are finding it challenging to remove the headgear, a plumber can always be called to tackle the matter quickly.

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