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Celebrate Dussehra with Complete Home Care Under your Budget by Ezhome!!

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Vijayadashami is celebrated on the tenth day of sukla paksha of ashwin month. We all celebrated will be Vijayadashami on 11th October. A lot of fairs are organized on the occasion of Dussehra. Apart from being the festival of joy. Also has a religious importance. The season of festival is going start and started with Vijaydasami dussehra. So it is damn necessary to keep our surrounding neat and clean.

There are many problems related to electrical system that are used in our home that put sign of worry on your forehead. Electrical problem such as short-circuit, fuse-failure, MCB fault are common. A complete make up of venue during the Dussehra puja and Navratri, including Raam-Leela program is most required thing. Whereas lighting is requisite parts of any such decoration.

All of these on the spot, you may need immediately pros such as electrician, cleaning staff, lighting-decorator. So Ezhome services bring to cleaning services, electrician services and many more services online through which it can provide staff for necessary services. Now you can simply arrange a pre clean or post clean services on a festival completive cost in order to meet your budget.

On the occasion of Dussehra, we all love to decorate our homes, park and in our society area with lighting and electric frills, and you see sudden your lighting system is destroyed and you are not understanding what happen.  So you cannot at the same time arrange more lighting system or electrician. But don’t opt stress, because Ezhome service is bringing many option to happily celebrate such occasion in your minimum budget offer. You can choose required services like cleaning, lighting electrician services. We are currently offering our services mainly in metro cities like Delhi-NCR.

See the services related to Dussehra offering by Ezhome; 

Cleaning Services: –   Mat cleaning, park cleaning, home cleaning, outdoor cleaning etc.

Electrician Services: – Lighting, fuse box replacement, Security lighting, electrical parts repairing etc.

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You don’t have to a worry to enjoy a quality Ezhomeservice along with your festivals. In case of urgent requirement of home services or venue cleaning staff, you can reach us via online or can ring us at our toll free no. 1800-2700-878.

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