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Bring Joy and Unity on this “Holi” up to Your Home with Ezhomeservices

Holi festival

Holi in India transcends the obstacles of caste, creed, and communities to paint a lively and vivid mass of brilliant faces. You know they’re human, and that’s as much you can think about their individualizes. Faces enraptured in bliss and revealing the face of India. You accept them, for they’re playing Holi, as you’re. Holi, the color festival of India is rich in tradition and myths abound concerning its own source. Inseparably linked with Holi is the culture of light bonfires by collecting twigs and dry leaves. The culture of assembly fallen leaves, twigs, and limbs and burn them in a bonfire to herald springtime is an extremely common festival that’s found in various forms in various countries and cultures.

Enjoying Holi

In India, is available in the form of Holi, and while in Vaishnavite customs, the burning of the bonfire comes from the myth of Holika Dahan, in Southern India and in Salivate customs the exercise has its roots in another myth. Holi, the festival of colour has the origins of its own name in the bonfire festival bonfires commemorating the burning of the Asura Holika, the sister of Asura King Hiranyakasipu. According to myth, the boy of Asura Hiranyakasipu, Prahlad had been a devotee of Vishnu, the protector god of Vashnavites. Vishnu was the enemy of Hiranyakasipu, as well as to the Asura King it was undesirable that his own son will be a devotee of his mortal opponent.

Hiranyakasipu tried several ways to have his boy killed, but each failed. Then he requested his sister Holika who had been supposed to be capable to enter fire and return unscathed because of a boon. Holika complied by transporting Prahlad in her lap and entering the fire. The Asura had been unaware that the boon protected Holika only if she had been alone when entering fire. As Prahlad had been with her when she entered the fire, the boon failed to defend Holika who had been burned to ashes, but Prahlad was incredibly saved by changing the name of Hari, or Vishnu. To, this day the burning of bonfires before the day of Holi celebrates the triumph of good over evil, the burning of Holika and the saving of Prahlad.
Happy Holi with colourful hands

Nevertheless, Holi as a color festival has been around since in later Vaishnavite tradition with the representation of Lord Krishna, the last Avatar of Vishnu playing with the ladies of Vrindavan and his lover Radha by scattering colors and colored water on one another with spray pipes or pichkaris.

Cleaning services

Cases on Holi Festival to call for Cleaning Services: –

Along with celebrating these occasions we create mess of things and causes garbage forming here and there. Choosing the right cleaning services provider is best thing to add more happiness before and after celebrations. To clean single pinch of dust, EzHomeServices provide diligent professional cleaners equipped with various cleaning tools to their arsenal. The cleaners provided by EzHomeServices are trustworthy and ready to serve you with every single second during and after celebration becomes over.

 You have suddenly arranged a grand big party on the auspicious occasion of Holi and after departure of crows you noticed there is place full of Color, Gulal Colorful Water, gift rags, blur and porous substances laying everywhere in your home, stains over sofa, curtains are also possible. Both blur and porous with crawler may lead to bringing forth of pestilent bacteria.


Under Cleaning Service-

  • Sweeping
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Mat cleaning
  • Toilet cleaning
  • Pres and post marriage compound cleaning
  • Garden cleaning
  • Yard and corridor cleaning
  • Hotel cleaning
  • Dish-washing
  • Floor mopping

painting services

Cases on Holi festival to call for Painting Services: – You are want to your room kitchen, bedroom, bathroom different -different color in pretty bright and saver with decorative art and paint. Its occasion of holi , you must require to renovate the thing around you must require to renovate the thing around you it may be your furniture or kitchen garden in your furniture or kitchen or garden in your compound.

We  are here to provide you best of our painting services regarding your home, private property, Bungalow  decoration with a complete catalog of painting colors and highly experienced painters with delivering happiness and smiles directly to you at your door step on single knock.

painting service on festival

Under Painting Service-

  • Interior wall coating
  • Exterior wall coating
  • Berger metal wood paints
  • Protective coating
  • Undercoats
  • Construction chemical
  • Express painting
  • Water proof painting.

All these problems are only snapshot of whole story.

There is much worst condition will be happen to you and your venue by avoiding cleaning and painting. Considering above mental insects, EzHomeServices starts providing online cleaning and painting services directly to your venue at minimum price in desired time slot.


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