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Enjoy this Republic Day with EzHomeServices, Keep Your Surrounding Clean and maintain the Promised Healthy India

We Indians are known for incredibility in our lifestyle, the way we treat to each other and the love we spread endlessly among the world. We are known for the symbol of Unity, Sovereignty, and master of sharing great bonds with nature, culture and weather. For we people, India is first instead of being Hindu, Muslim, Sikh of Christian.

This week we are witnessing our 68th Republic day, same as past on 26th January. In 1950, on this day i.e. 26th Jan, Dr B.R Ambedkar ji proposed our Indian constitution to let the country live on our own customized certified rules, policies and maintain the decorum of lifestyle which also respect the humanity, the country and culture. Since constitution was approved by the Indian Constituent Assembly on 26 November 1949, but came into effect on 26 January 1950 with a democratic government system, carrying out the country’s evolution towards fetching an independent republic. Though India got freedom in 1947 but we established as a country having its own norms and variables and declaration of complete Independency “Purna Swaraj” on 26th Jan 1950.

The Republic Day is celebrated in whole country, in schools, gazetted offices, Govt. Schools and offices and various other offices. This auspicious occasion includes Tricolour hosting with playing national anthem, honouring winners and martyrs and distribution of sweets in peeps. On this day, the president of India hosted flag on Raj-path situated in New Delhi, the capital of India. The celebration includes speech of Mr. president as well as Flag march and march past and other road shows by army, school and state culture representative on Raj-path.

EzHomeServices is celebrating this auspicious occasion by providing various discounts and rate cutters on various home services including house cleaning, painting, lawn cleaning, yard cleaning, electrical services, carpentry works and many other services.

Since celebration of Republic day comprises public gathering, field cleaning, official building painting, cleaning and renovation works. People have many choices to show their love to country by being part of Keep India Clean mission, and we are keenly helping out those interested people by offering discounts and lavish rate cutters on required services.

EzHomeServices is an online home solution provider company, headquartered at Noida, Indian and serving across whole nation through the medium of internet presence. So, we are eagerly participating in every Keep India Clean mission by providing best of us with different means and mediums.

So be a part of nation, enjoy the Republic day, keep your vicinity neat and clean, we are 24×7 available to assist you on your requirements. For More details related to home services like carpentry, cleaning, painting, pest control services, ac repairing services, and many other services contact to us or can ping us @1800-2700-878.

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