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Avail Discount for AC Services Before Summer Makes Your Mood Fiery !

Summer is summing up day by day as dates on calendar are heading upwards. The days becomes more itchy and hotter than previous one and no one can exactly predict what will be the tomorrow scene. This is the time when all of us need a chilled atmosphere to sit with solace. Situation nowadays going worse and worse due to increasing temperature. Though many of us are able to regulate temperature with Air conditioning system but same as other electro-mechanical devices it also suffer many issues due to power fluctuation, irregular installation, empty gas chamber, chocked vent line etc.

Another problem is load on pocket when something shit happens with AC system as many of us are unaware of service pricing, component and gas filling charge. Due to lack of sufficient information we pay more than that of actual cost for servicing or repair, later we realised that the servicemen charged extra but this realisation become unwholesome.

So covering the above scenario through folks we stepped in digital market to save the users from local service wala’s mugging. We are offering various plans to get certified and trustworthy AC repair and services at feasible cost. The cost which is pocket friendly and the service which is customer friendly too. Now you people don’t need to bother much about plunders by local service wala’s.

EzHomeServices bring complete AC solution as listed it in the top of the estimated services so that you can easily get AC services on your fingertips.

We have number of solution regarding the cooling device such as Gas charging, Compressor replacement, cabinet replacement, chemical-dry-wet servicing, duct cleaning etc.

To enhance trust and smile between customers, we have two attractive plans for AC repair and services which are following –

₹50 Off for New User on Portal – In this plan we provide cashback of ₹50 to new user for first booking by using coupon code NEW50. For application of this plan new you have to login on our website and enter coupon code when asked in booking procedure.

₹100 off for Gas Charging – This plan is executed to provide hassle free gas charging as compare to market price. To use this offer you have to use coupon code ACG100 while performing booking procedure for gas charging. This offer is for limited time so to get this offer please login to us ASAP!

We bet you to provide best quality services through certified pros at affordable prices as customer smile is our profit and our first priority.

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